Wine-Pizza Pairing

Pairing wines with pizza is a casual and enjoyable way to try different wines and pizzas that are meant for each other. Many people have a favourite wine and pizza pairing. Some enjoy a white wine with a cheese pizza, while others prefer red wine with a steak and onions. The key factor in an excellent wine and pizza pairing is finding balance in flavours. It is important to understand what the flavour of the wine is when working on your pairing.

Types of Wine that Go Well with Pizza

Red wine goes well with pizza because of the red pepper sauce that is often used on pizza. White wine is a good option for a first drink, as it will help to cool down your taste buds and palate after the spicy ingredients in a typical pizza.

Wine-Pizza Pairings to Choose From

Wine pairing with pizza is an art form, so the perfect wine will depend on what you pair it with. But here are some classic pairings that have been around for many years.

  • White wine with thin crust pizza
  • Red wine with bread pizzas
  • Rosé with tomato sauce pizzas



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