What to Consider When Pairing Wine with Food

When wine is paired with food, your meal can taste better or worse, depending on how they are paired. As such, wine-food pairing should be approached with care and consideration.

What to Consider

With wine, there are lots of things to consider when pairing it with food. It is essential to choose a wine that matches the type of food. That’s because different wines have different flavours, textures, and aromas, so the right wine should go with the right dish.


The colour of the wine plays a vital role in pairing it with food because red wines are often paired with red meat dishes, while white wines are often paired with fish or chicken dishes.


Texture plays a vital role in pairing wine with food. The texture of the wine and the chewiness of the food will affect your enjoyment together. For instance, a wine with a crispy, dry texture pairs well with light, crispy foods such as oysters, seafood salads, and other seafood dishes.


The wine flavour is very important when pairing wine with food. It can help your taste buds experience different flavours and make your meal more enjoyable.



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24 February 2022