Seven Essential American Breakfast Foods You Should Be Eating

The United States is a melting pot of diverse cultures and cuisines, but one thing that’s always been common across the country is breakfast. Whether you’re eating breakfast in your home with your family, grabbing a quick bite with friends at the office or even hosting an American-style brunch for your friends, these are the seven essential breakfast foods that you should be eating.


Eggs have been a staple of the American diet since before it was America. It’s no surprise that eggs are a cornerstone of the morning meal. They provide essential nutrients and protein and can be prepared in various ways, including scrambled, fried, or boiled. Eggs are also cheap and easy to cook.


From flapjacks to waffles, pancakes are the quintessential American breakfast food. The popularity of this savoury or sweet dish has been on the rise since the 1800s. Pancakes are also easy to make and can be customised to suit every taste.


What can be healthier than oatmeal? Well, for starters, it might not make you feel like you’re actually eating breakfast. However, this dish is so versatile. You can make it sweet or savoury, with different fruits, nuts or seeds that will fill you up and keep you feeling good all morning long. Oatmeal is also one of the cheapest, healthy foods you can find at any store.

French Toast

French toast is a breakfast food with origins in France, but it has become hugely popular in America. There’s no one single recipe for this dish, and there are many variations and adaptations that you can make to it. One way is to make it with bread dipped in milk, eggs and sugar before being fried. This breakfast staple is a popular treat throughout America.


Many Americans think that bacon is popular because of its flavour and fat content. However, the most important factor that contributes to bacon’s popularity in America is its convenience. It can be eaten any time of day and is often found in dishes where it doesn’t necessarily have to be the star. It’s not only a delicious and filling meal but also a versatile and inexpensive one. Bacon can be cooked in many different ways: fried, roasted, grilled, and even baked.


Bagels are a traditional Jewish food, typically made of bread dough that is boiled, baked, toasted, or fried. They are easy to eat because of the doughy texture, and they can be dipped into various toppings like cream cheese or plain cream cheese. Cream cheese is a dairy product that typically contains milk or cream.

Cereal with Milk or Fruit Juice

Cereal is a breakfast food that some people love, some hate and others never knew about. It’s a staple for Americans, serving as fuel for busy mornings on the go. While it can be universally enjoyed, there are many cereal types to choose from, including cornflakes, rice cereals, and granola.